Taking a whole business approach to succession planning will create the basis for a strong structure and an ongoing talent management process so if you are introducing or rewriting a succession plan this is the perfect opportunity to look closely at your talent pool.

It makes sense to introduce processes for performance assessments and development plans whilst succession planning is underway. Key individuals are already being reviewed and detailed information is being gathered so use this data to define strengths and weaknesses within your organisation.

Now is the time to create business driven development plans and approaches, if these are not already in place. Decide on a formal assessment process and appoint credible assessors. These will usually be your CEO and HR Director but could include other senior personnel or board members.

When identifying your key personnel and board members make the decision based on both performance and potential. Once potential has been identified decide how these key people will be developed and managed.

Effectively communicating your organisation’s talent management processes internally will ensure everyone is clear of your aims and objectives and will work hard to ensure these are achieved.

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