Coaching is our business. We provide three services , Executive Coaching for Leaders, Team coaching for Boards and Executive Teams and Vision and Values coaching for Organisations.

We have refined and honed our services over the years in response to what our clients tell us they need.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Leading today is tougher than ever.

Executives face unprecedented demands. The importance of being clear about what success looks like is paramount when, wherever you look, there are stakeholders with ever increasing expectations. Shareholders requiring significant and sustainable improvement to financial performance; regulators demanding adherence to ever more onerous rules; a more global fight to attract and retain top talent; and just when we thought we’d seen it all – the uncertainty created by whatever the 21st century chooses to throw at us.

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Executive Team Coaching

Even the best, most experienced teams sometime suffer from under-performance.

When it happens at the highest level the ripples are felt right through the organisation all the way to the bottom line.

A senior leadership team or board of directors will benefit from executive team coaching should one or a combination of the following circumstances occur:

  • The team are behaving in a dysfunctional or discordant manner
  • The delivery or execution of business strategy is ineffective
  • Business performance is in decline and results are poor
  • The team appear to lack confidence or there is evidence of bullying
  • There is a large scale transformation programme to implement
  • The team is new or inexperienced
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Organisational Coaching

Whilst there is no doubt that Individual Executive and Team Executive Coaching can increase leadership impact, and indeed enhance organisational performance, the only way to create and sustain high performance is to create followship.

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